Lighted 2 port wall adapter/charging base

$12.99 $5.95

*2 Ports are better than 1

Charge multiple devices at once with our beautiful 2-port wall charging base.  You can plug 2 charging cables in at the same time and keep consistent power among your devices.

This little beauty also lights up in your favorite color to let you know that your wall charging unit is working.  Also pretty neat to have a matching lighted cable and wall adapter.

Color choices:  Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Red

Power Output:  2.1a

*Note:  this is a max 2.1a output charge.  This is not a speed charging wall base unit but is still fast with 2.1a output.  We highly recommend our Kova Car Charger for the fastest possible output charge you can get…it’s incredible).

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