Intellicharge lighted 2 in 1 speed cable

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Be Amazed and Speed Charge any device with the lighted 2 in 1 Intelli-charge.

  • Electroluminescent lighted charging cable that visually shows you the speed of charge
  • ISC Technology (Intelligent Speed Charging)
  • Smart chip speed charges specifically to your devices battery
  • Auto-detect and Auto-shutoff
  • Dual 2 in 1 Apple Lightning and Micro USB or USB-C charging options
  • MFI Certfied
  • You will never want to go back once you have this cable..Amen!

The Lighted Intellicharge is incredible!  You will easily see the difference in Speed and quality with this cable and realize all other charging cables are inferior.  The lights confirm your device is charging and will visually show you the speed of charge.  Once your device is getting full, the cable lights will slow down to show you that it is trickle charging to protect your devices battery.  Once at a true 100% (reading directly to your battery, not just what the device tells you) the cable will automatically shut off.  Lights will turn back on whenever your device needs an additional charge. The Intelli-charge is exactly how is sounds….Intelligent Speed Charging ….and everyone loves the lighted cable!


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Blue 2 in 1 Apple/micro-usb, Green 2 in 1 Apple/micro-usb, Purple 2 in 1 Apple/micro-usb, Rainbow 2 in 1 Apple/micro-usb


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