Kova 3-port Speed Charging car charger

$29.99 $24.95

  • 3 Qualcomm 3.0 Intelligent Speed Charging USB Ports
  • Fastest charging ports on the market
  • Auto shut-off once device is fully charged
  • Auto-detect (charges specifically for each device battery type)
  • Small sleek design
  • Guaranteed to make you happy

Hands down the most amazing car charger on the market!  We all need a fast charge on the go, and this car charger is amazing!  We speed charge with the fastest charge on the market specifically to you devices battery type.  Once your device is getting full, it will trickle charge protecting your battery until device is 100% and then will automatically shut off.  If you forgot to charge your phone at home or need an extra boost…no worries…we have you covered.

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